The Crucible Magazine

The Crucible is a nonprofit organization and art school making the fine and industrial arts accessible for everyone of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Their work is centered in Oakland and the East Bay, where classes and team builds are offered in glass, metal, clay, wood, and more to over 8,000 people each year. From welding to glass blowing to woodworking to jewelry-making to fire dancing, classes are designed to bring together beginners and experienced artists and fabricators in a one-of-a-kind learning environment.

CNC Education Fund

Our Voice, Our Choice, Our California. California’s independent redistricting commission adopted final congressional and legislative districts for the next decade, starting with the 2022 elections. When you hear about a Latino majority district in California—think Latina power. Why? Because, Latina voters consistently outperform their Latino male counterparts in voting.

The City of Oakland

We all want our planet to be healthy and green. And we can all play a big part—at our own homes—just by putting things in the right waste bins. This fun activity book, designed for 9-12-year-olds and available in four languages--Chinese, English, Spanish and Vietnamese--teaches this important lesson through crosswords, word searches, matching games and art and science projects.

Department of Water Resources

Since its construction in 1968, the Oroville Dam has enhanced the safety of surrounding cities historically impacted by devastating floods. With regular improvements and investments in infrastructure, the Oroville Dam will continue to mitigate unwanted natural occurrences.